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Your guided Haiti adventure tour!

Eagle Adventures and Tours provides guided tours, transportation and consulting to adventure travelers in Haiti.

meet pierre and eagle

Pierre Abraham Mary

Eagle owner-operator Pierre Mary Abraham

As a native Haitian, I thoroughly enjoy helping my guests with their travels. Haiti is a wonderful and memorable place where visitors feel welcome, and they leave with the desire to come back again and again. It is my pleasure to guide you to the many attractive spots throughout my country on entertaining and educational Haiti tours.

Thank you for considering Eagle Tours & Adventures, I look forward to serving your needs!


Eagle's tour and transportation service

Jacmel street with bay in backdrop

Eagle provides two basic Haiti tour services: 

  1. ground transportation in Port au Prince and vicinity
  2. 1-2 day tour packages for Cap Haitian or Jacmel. (see below for more detail)

Citadelle and San Souci in Cap Haitian (UNESCO world heritage site)

San Souci palace near Cap Haitian

Our recommended way to see the amazing remains of Henri Christophe's kingdom is to take Eagle's one and a half-day Cap Haitian tour package itinerary:


  • guests arrive by air in the morning into Cap Haitian
  • picked up at airport and checked into hotel (Roi Christophe)  www.hotelroichristophe.com
  • taken on 4-5 hour guided tour of both San Souci and Citadelle (about 35 min drive from Cap Haitian)
  • after tour return in evening to hotel; dinner


  • breakfast at hotel or local bakery
  • souvenir shopping (if desired)
  • to airport for late morning or early afternoon flight out

Watch an actual tour!

San Souci and Citadelle tour!

Excursion to Paradise Cove; LaBadee


1-day trip to Labadee and Paradise Cove

 Guests can take a one and a half-day tour to Labadee 

(about 45 min drive from Cap Haitian)

  • arrive at Cap Haitian airport in the morning
  • check into hotel
  • drive to Labadee; take short boat ride to Paradise Cove
  • (optional) fresh seafood late afternoon lunch at cove
  • return to hotel in later evening; dinner
  • return to airport the next morning for flight out

Visit Jacmel and the south coast

Jacmel and the south coast

In Jacmel you will find the remnants of a coastal colonial village and a modern-day artist colony. The drive between Port au Prince and Jacmel can vary between 3-5 hours depending on conditions. Jacmel also has a small airport. Contact Pierre to discuss arrangements to visit.

tip: Hotel Florita is a popular place to stay. www.hotelflorita.com

en bas saline archeological experience

Visit to pre-Colombian Taino village/La Navidad

The almost undetectable village of En bas saline (about 35 min from Cap Haitian) sits on what was a Taino village. La Navidad (the first European settlement in the new world) was a fort constructed at the nearby beach by the crew of Colombus while he returned to Spain after his first crossing of the Atlantic.

Today, the local Haitian farmers are themselves the excavators of this history.

Talk to Pierre about arranging a visit to meet these people and view their discoveries!

see Northern Haiti and En bas saline! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJYps5WQ9HY


Get an adventure tour quote!

  • The best way to get a prompt preliminary quote (subject to possible adjustment before final quote) is to email Pierre at abraham.pierremary@gmail.com and provide this general information:

  • arrival/departure dates
  • city (Cap Haitian, Port au Prince, etc.)
  • number of guests
  • which Eagle (or customized) tour desired
  • email or best method to reach

Pierre can also be reached via WhatsApp! +509 34 64 8660


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Haiti at times experiences political unrest. Be sure to check with your national embassy website before traveling to Haiti.

All Eagle guests assume personal responsibility for their safety while in Haiti.